Annual Municipal Taxes

Important notice to municipal officials:

The Commissioners Office does not compute proposed or estimated valuations. The State Department of Taxation certifies and approves the valuations on February 1st of each year. Once the Commissioners receive this information, they will compute, approve and sign the “Recapitulation” at their next regular meeting (1st Tuesday of each month), most often in February.

The Valuations, Warrants, Assessors Return, and County Tax Allocation/Recapitulation will be mailed to each municipality.

By order of the Hancock County Commissioners, on the 9th day of January, 2013,  proceed to assess the following county tax in the amount of Five Million One Hundred Seventy-Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy-two Dollars ($5,178,972), with an overlay of One Hundred  Three Thousand  Five Hundred Seventy-Nine Dollars ($103,579) to be apportioned upon the several towns, townships and tracts of lands in said County, according to the 2013 State Valuation, the whole county tax amounting to the sum of  Five Million Two Hundred Eighty-Two Thousand Five Hundred Fifty-One Dollars ($5,282,551).

2014 Municipal Tax Assessment by Town (pdf)

2014 Municipal Taxes Summary
HCJ Operational Net Budget:   $1,670,136
HCJ Debt Service Budget:   $344,000
FY14 County Net Budget:   $3,146,148
Total All County Budgets:  $ 5,160,284
 $5,160,284 Total County Budgets
 $103,206 2% Overlay
 $5,263,490 Total Taxation
$0.41 1000* mill rate
0.0004068 Valuation/1000*rate