Budget Statute


§763. Advisory committee

There is established the Hancock County Budget Advisory Committee as provided in this section.

  1. Budget committee membership; election; term. The budget advisory committee consists of 10 members, 3 members from each commissioner district selected as provided for in this section and a member of the Hancock County legislative delegation. Of the 3 members from each commissioner district, 2 must be municipal officers in the district and one must be either a municipal officer in the district or a member of the public who is a resident of the commissioner district.
    1. No later than 100 days before the start of a fiscal year, the county commissioners shall notify all municipal officers in the county and the public to caucus by county commissioner districts at a specified date, time and place for the purpose of electing either one municipal officer or one representative of the public from each district as a member of the budget advisory committee. The county commissioner shall serve as nonvoting moderator for that district caucus. Nominations for either the municipal officer member or the public member must be received from the floor. The nominee for the category of member being chosen receiving the most votes is approved as a budget advisory committee member. The names of those elected by the caucus must be recorded and forwarded to the county commissioners.
    2. Budget advisory committee members serve 3-year terms and no more than one member from each municipality may serve at a time. If a budget advisory committee member who is elected as a municipal officer member ceases to be a municipal officer during the term of membership, that committee member vacates membership and the next district caucus shall elect a qualified municipal officer to serve for the remainder of the unexpired term.
    3. The county commissioners shall give public notice of the commissioner district caucuses at which budget advisory committee members are to be elected in the manner provided for town meetings in chapter 121.
  2. Legislative member. The Hancock County legislative delegation shall annually select one member of the delegation who resides in Hancock County to serve on the budget advisory committee.
  3. Chair. The budget advisory committee shall annually select one of its members to chair the committee.

§ 764. Public hearing

The Hancock County commissioners shall hold a public hearing on the budget estimate at least 90 days before the end of the county’s fiscal year and an informational meeting on the advisory committee’s budget estimates at least 30 days before the end of the county’s fiscal year. Pursuant to the requirements of section 701, subsection 3, written notice and a copy of the estimates must be sent by mail or delivered in person to each member of the county legislative delegation at least 10 days before the informational meeting on the annual budget.

§ 765. Budget estimate; submission to advisory committee

The Hancock County commissioners shall submit a budget estimate to the budget advisory committee no later than October 1st for the coming year. The budget advisory committee shall review the budget estimate and make recommendations to the commissioners before November 15th. In order to deviate from any recommendation made by a recorded 2/3 majority vote of the full membership of the budget advisory committee, the county commissioners must unanimously approve that change. The county commissioners shall act on the budget no later than December 15th of the budget year.

§ 766. Final budget estimates; filing

A copy of the final budget estimates must be filed, on forms approved by the Department of Audit, with the State Auditor, who shall retain them for 3 years.