State Police/SO Call Sharing Agreement

In April of 1996, the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office and the Maine State Police entered into an agreement to conduct a one-year pilot project that would coordinate their patrol services by sharing the calls for service in an equitable, logistical manner.  In this project, the county was divided into three areas called “patrol slots” and the work day was separated into two equal shifts, one covering the daytime hours and the other at night.  A deputy or trooper was assigned to each patrol slot and regardless of which agency got the call for service, the officer assigned to the slot would respond.

This pilot project was so successful, it is now utilized in most counties in Maine.  Not only has this program reduced the travel requirements of each officer, it has enhanced intelligence information and strengthened the relationship between the two agencies.

Today, with the implantation of E-911 services, the regional communications center in Ellsworth  simply consults an assignment schedule when an emergency call is received and the call is dispatched either to the deputy or trooper assigned to the area.

Unless your community is served by a local police agency, it’s of no consequence which agency you call when you need police services.  Thanks to this call sharing agreement, you will be served in a more timely manner by the officer assigned that day to your area.