State Highway Road Changes & Alterations (1930 – 1955) BOX #1-A


  • 1930 State Highway Road Changes in Town of Sullivan
  • 1937 State Highway Road Changes from Deer Isle to Sunshine across land of Charles Smith
  • 1937 State Highway Road Changes from Bucksport to Holden across land of B.W. Arey
  • 1937 State Highway Road Changes from Winter Harbor to Crow Island Wharf across lands of Frank B. Noyes, George D. Dixon, Carlton Hammond & Foster Harrington
  • 1938 State Highway Road Change from Orland to Blue Hill across land of Alvin Gray & Otis Leach
  • 1938 State Highway Road Changes from Blue Hill to North Blue Hill across land of Roy Allen &F.J.Cooper
  • 1938 Condemnation proceeding in the Town of Deer Isle September

State Altered & Widened Roads:

  • 1950 T#28 MD Aurora to Beddington
  • 1950 T#33 MD Beddington to Aurora
  • 1950 Sedgwick via Harborside to Cape Rosier Grange Hall
  • 1951 Blue Hill to Sedgwick land of William Owen & Orrin Gray
  • T#7 to Gouldsboro of Colon Perry
  • Sorrento to Sullivan land of Ruth Perry


  • 1938 Highway No. 2, Brooksville across land of Edwin J. Smith/March
  • 1940 Proposed Relocation Highway #2, Eastbrook across land of Bertha Butler/ March
  • 1952 Relocation & Alteration in Bar Harbor SAH#4, Eagle Lake Rd./ September
  • 1953 Relocation & Alteration in Gouldsboro SAH #11/ April
  • 1954Maps on Reconstruction of East Blue Hill Bridge
  • 1955 Record of meeting of the Joint Board for consideration of petition for State and County aid in the reconstruction of:
  • Upper Guagus Bridge in T#22 MD
  • East Blue Hill Bridge in Town of Blue Hill
  • Tanneery Bridge in the Town of Amherst.


  • 1930 State Aid Road Plans in Somesville Board of Selectmen, Mt. Desert
  • Hancock County Courthouse Preliminary Site Plan (Krumbharr & Hold Assoc.)